Downtown Market Value Pricing

Buying a pre-owned vehicle?

Are you getting the BEST VALUE in the market?

Acura Downtown Value Pricing ™ philosophy assures that you do.

  • We believe that our customers have every right to expect the best and most fair price.
  • Downtown’s Market Value Pricing (DMVP) offers you that peace of mind right up front.

We do not artificially inflate our prices.

  • We have invested in state of the art software that independently measures and compares our Pre-owned inventory prices (and then sets the right value) against every other similar car advertised in the marketplace.
  • As a result customers have discovered that our advertised price, is the right price and their best value can always be found on every Pre-owned vehicle we offer for purchase, every time.

Your purchase experience will be quick, easy, and hassle free.

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Downtown Marketing Value Pricing