Peter Woloshyn

I visited Acura Downtown in late November 2019 to purchase a newer vehicle. I met with Frank Evans. I had a Mercedes to trade-in (it had been a very good car for me for many years but he didn’t really know that) so I expected haggling, time wasted and a bunch of sales talk. That had been my experience elsewhere. Instead I was pleasantly surprised with the reasonable offer they made for my trade-in. It was not all I hoped for but it was reasonable-higher than elsewhere. I had researched my new purchase carefully. I knew I wanted a 2018 Honda CR-V Touring. They had well maintained black one one with low kilometers at a reasonable price given the strong demand for this vehicle. Just what I wanted. So I bought it and I’m glad I did. I was treated fairly at Acura Downtown. I was spared a lot of sales talk. From my background I already know a lot about cars so I don’t really need that. But Frank was happy to properly explain what I did not know about the many new safety systems and programs on this vehicle. He was knowledgeable and patient. The negotiations and the signing of the agreement were conducted professionally, smoothly and without exaggeration. The vehicle was delivered on time, sparkling clean and full of gas. For these reasons I highly recommend Frank Evans and Acura Downtown.