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  • Anam Arabi Mar 18, 2019

    We had an amazing experience with this location. We bought a used Honda CR-V from this location through Franklin Evans. Must say that he is a honest, straight-forward representative who was very forth-coming with all details, he always presented us with facts we could compare and see for our selves. we never felt pressurized or under a clock at anytime. [...]

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  • Llaria Machado Feb 13, 2019

    Very happy with the services provided at Acura Downtown! Taahir Sheikh is an excellent sales consultant. Mr. Sheikh was very knowledgeable, which made us feel extremely comfortable in our decision. We are glad we decided to buy our car at this location as the quality of the services provided were more than exceptional. The rest of the staff are also [...]

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  • Rahim Lalji Jan 18, 2019

    I found a great deal online at Acura Downtown and thought it was too good to be true. A good deal on a car in the city? I don't have to drive to Vaughan? Hamilton?? My inquiry about the car was responded to immediately and I was able to book a convenient time to see it and test drive it. My wife and kids loved the car and I really appreciated the [...]

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  • Ahmed Khan Mar 02, 2019

    We purchased a 2010 Honda Odyssey from Acura Downtown, Frank helped us out and was amazing. After we took possession of the vehicle, a few days later the van literally died on the highway, was a bad alternator. I called Frank and he took care of everything, he had the dealer install a new alternator and replaced the battery for no charge. Frank, this [...]

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